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Los Angeles, USA

Personal experiences:

Eco Truly Park was a great first stop for us on our travels around the world. The staff was extremely warm and gracious and our accommodations were well kept and comfortable. The park grounds were stunningly beautiful, full of life and highlighted with unique and intriguing architectural truly's. The food was healthy and hardy, and I never left a meal still needing more. I do wish we could have contributed more to the volunteering. Organized and structured projects would help bring the most out of the volunteers, benefiting both the the volunteers desire to help/work/learn and the Eco village's way of life and devotion. You have a beautiful park, beautiful people and a beautiful way of life. I wish you all the best!

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Carla dijo...

When I travel I also want to do it ecologically. Last year I went to Argentina. I wanted to rent an apartment in buenos aires  but I wanted that the real estate company that would provide the flat to me was ecofriendly. I looked for weeks at home to find one. I finally got a company called 4rent that only rented apartments that used the solar electricity instead of the traditional one. It seemed to be like a very good characteristic so I went ahead and booked a place with them. Once I got there, I realized all of the apartments they had to offer had at least six plants in the balconies. They were full of green, so I was even happier!