Tina Noga


Personal Experience:

I spent 10 days in Eco Truly Park and really loved the time there. After six months of intense travel in Latin America it was like a sanctuary of peace, relaxation, learning and introspection.Everyone were tremendously welcoming and accommodating.
I loved the delicious vegetarian food and the yoga practice as well.I would defnitely recommend it to anyone with a spiritually open mind.

Personal Experiences :

Lisa Putkey
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Personal Experiences:

What a beautiful and tranquil environment. I loved working in the gardens and learning vegetarian cooking tips en la cocina. The people of this ecological community are very warm and welcoming and I had a blast with the other volunteers from around the world. It is a wonderful way to spend a month reflecting on your life and cleansing your body with a vegetarian diet, yoga,
and meditation. I will always remember Eco Truly.

Comments about Eco Truly Park

Los Angeles, USA

Personal experiences:

Eco Truly Park was a great first stop for us on our travels around the world. The staff was extremely warm and gracious and our accommodations were well kept and comfortable. The park grounds were stunningly beautiful, full of life and highlighted with unique and intriguing architectural truly's. The food was healthy and hardy, and I never left a meal still needing more. I do wish we could have contributed more to the volunteering. Organized and structured projects would help bring the most out of the volunteers, benefiting both the the volunteers desire to help/work/learn and the Eco village's way of life and devotion. You have a beautiful park, beautiful people and a beautiful way of life. I wish you all the best!


Whitney Rea
Personal experiences:

Thank you so much for creating the peaceful environment that is EcoTrulyPark. I enjoyed connecting with so many beautiful volunteers from around the world and learning about their different cultures and countries. It was nice to spend time in the kitchen, and especially the bakery on the weekends and be surrounded by so many lovely smells, textures, colors, and tastes! I am also happy that I can now understand a bit more Spanish ;)

Dorna and Mikael

Personal experiences:

We really liked the tranquility and beauty of Eco Truly Park. Its like an oasis in the oasis of Chakra y Mar, clean, peaceful and a haven for non human animals. It was wonderful to come there from the stressful pace and pollution of Lima.

Dorna y Mikael

Laia Roca

Personal Experiences:

Mi experiencia en este maravilloso lugar ha sido corta pero intensa, la armonía que se respira te permite estar en paz y disfrutar de cada instante.
Ha sido bonito e interesante conocer las tradiciones y forma de vida de la filosofía Védica y sobretodo compartir con las amables personas de Eco Truly y los demás voluntarios.

Me ha gustado mucho aprender un poco mas sobre cultivos ecológicos y como trabajar la tierra que nos ofrece tan sanos alimentos.

Muchas gracias y hasta pronto!

Personal Experiences:

Tania Detomas


L'eco truly per me e' stata un'esperienza molto forte, di cambiamento e crescita spirituale. Ho imparato tanto e condiviso la vita di tutti i giorni con della gente umile e solare, in un posto che architettonicamente sembra spuntato da un libro di favolem, avvolto da un aria mistica e spirituale che mi ha aiutato ogni giorno nella mia ricerca verso il divino.

Ringrazio tutti voi del Eco Truly per questa magica esperienza.

Commentarios de Voluntarios

Maria Mendez
Age: 34


Lo que mas me ha gustado de mi paso por Eco Truly Park ha sido la paz y la tranquilidad de este lugar, y las buenas vibraciones de las personas que viven aquí. Me he sentido muy a gusto con mis compañeras voluntarias y he pasado muy buenos ratos con ellas. También me ha gustado mucho todo lo que he aprendido con Don Julio sobre cultivos ecológicos y el taller de cerámica.

Hadas aloni
Age: 25


I really enjoyed my stay with you in truly park. This place has a relax environment and a beautiful setting.

I like the fact that every day, everyone can choose to do whatever he feels like and the daily schedules is very open.

I also enjoyed meeting the special people who are living in the finca and have similar beliefs to mine. All vegetarian.

Thank you all!

The food was really good !!

Gaven Horne

Age: 20

Commentaries :

This village is a great place to stop for any traveler. They feed you excellent vegetarian food, which is sometimes hard to come by when traveling. There are many animals to play with and some caves to explore. This place was very relaxing.

Eco community in Peru

Megan Damofle
Age: 22

Personal experiences:

My experience at Eco-Truly has taught me a lot about community, especially a community with spiritual and ecological ideals. I really enjoyed working in the bakery and the garden. This place has been very relaxing, with a peaceful atmosphere. A good place to take a rest from big cities. The food is great too. I am truly thankful for the wonderful birthday party the gave me as well. I felt very welcomed.

Organic Farms - Peru

Shay Hohmann
Age: 19

Personal experiences :

I am truly grateful for my experience here at Eco Truly Park. I would not have expected to learn Vedic ideas on my travels in South America but it has been most interesting. It seems it could be more fulfilling with a little more time. The volunteer opportunities spanned mostly in the kitchen and garden with a few other projects around. It would have been fun to do some building too. The good nature and positive attitudes I have witnessed have been refreshing. Thank you so much for welcoming me, the way of life here is admirable.

Mary Henn

Age: 41

Personal experiences :

I stayed two weeks and for the most part had a wonderful time. I greatly enjoyed doing yoga five days a week and working in the garden. While I was here Guru Deva came, which was a lovely experience.

Yoga Retreat in Peru

Patrick Casebere

Age: 25

Personal experiences :

I must say I felt very welcomed here at Eco Truly, even though I didn’t speak the language. During our stay, we worked in the kitchen, fields, and enjoyed being invited to temple. I learned some different breads and pastries in the kitchen. While in the fields, I worked on my Spanish. The constructions are nice, as well as the farm, and the food… ¨muy bien!¨ There’s a good thing going here, and it gives me much hope. Thank you.

Yoga Ashram Peru

Anna Casebere
Age: 24

Personal experiences:

What a wonderful experience, to be here, at Eco Truly, to be a part of a community. For me, it has been a place of learning. Learning new ways of spiritual paths and commitment, learning to speak Spanish, and learning new forms of yoga. Also, it has been a place of meeting people who are also on their spiritual journey, and to connect with other human beings, to share life. It has been a gift to be able to spend time at Eco Truly, to be welcomed by all who live here, and to find yet another place in this world where I can call home. Thank You.

Age: 26

Personal experiences:

I really enjoyed working in the garden and learning about the farming methods and composting system used at Eco Truly Park. I also enjoyed meeting all the lovely people here, both volunteers and residents, and felt really welcome in the community. Thanks for a great time!

Patricia Gomez
Age: 34

Personal experiences:

En la vida tenemos infinidad de posibilidades de vivir experiencias que habrán de cambiar el rumbo de nuestras vidas, o sencillamente dejarnos un grato recuerdo; Eco Truly Park es una de estas acciones que pude tomar, y solo puedo decir, aquí he sido realmente feliz.!



You are welcome to participate in our volunteer program. We hope that we can provide you with the experience to live in a community and learn by helping. Here you will find special people that will do their best to make you feel comfortable and at home; you will have such an experience that you might want to stay here forever and never leave.

Contact Person: Druva

Email: voluntariado @ ecotrulypark. org

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Websites: http://volunteeringecotrulypark.blogspot.com/ http://www.ecotrulypark.org/  http://ecotrulyparktours.blogspot.com/

Phone Number: (511) 993 196 797

Prices since June 15th , 2012:

$15US a day in a shared room and $12US a day if you bring your tent.

Included in the price is your food, 3 meals a day, basic accommodation in shared rooms for volunteers, and yoga classes Monday to Sunday and WI-Fi.
We receive volunteers all the year and we have plenty of space for more volunteers.

Eres bienvenido a participar en nuestro programa de voluntariado.Esperamos brindarte la experiencia de vivir en comunidad y aprender al ayudar. Aquí encontraras personas especiales que harán lo mejor para hacerte sentir bien y en casa; tendrás tal experiencia que querrás quedarte para siempre y nunca irte.

Contacto: Druva

Correo electrónico: voluntariado @ ecotrulypark.  org

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Sitio Web: http://voluntariadocotrulypark.blogspot.com/ http://www.ecotrulypark.org/ http://www.ecotrulypark.blogspot.com/

Numero Telefónico Nextel :(511) 993 196 797.

Costos a partir del 15 de Junio del 2012:
$15 US dolares por día en habitación compartida y $12 US dolares por día si trae tu carpa.
en el costo esta incluido la alimentación, 3 comidas al día, acomodación básica en cuartos compartidos de voluntarios, clases de yoga de lunes a sábado.

South America - Perú